Areas of Expertise

Naikan Therapy

A Japanese based therapy from the Jodo Shinshu school. It hopes to foster the development of compassion, forgiveness and gratitude by addressing the following questions: a. What has _____ given to me? b. What have I given to ______? c. What troubles or problems have I caused________?

Morita Therapy

A Japanese based therapy that focuses on finding wonder and silence, hopefully leading to a re-socialization and mindfulness of the total ecology around the individual.

Transpersonal Psychiatry

A sub-field of psychiatry that integrates the spiritual and transcendent aspects of the human experience within the framework of modern psychiatry. issues considered in altered states of consciousness, mystical experiences, spiritual self- development, spiritual evolution and shamanic philosophical approaches.

Transpersonal psychiatry is based on the premise that all humans pass thru developmental stages that are influenced by their cultural environment and upbringing. While our sociocultural environment is important, transpersonal psychiatry does not endorse the thought that these factors are all that characterizes human existence or it's potential. Transpersonal psychiatry seeks to assist the individual to see what he or she can be. It seeks to assist the individual in reaching that potential without being defined by the expectations of others or the limitations that those expectations may present. Transpersonal psychiatry helps the individual to manifest Love in its most compassionate form and which originates from a desire to serve. It very much follows the approach developed by Viktor Franklin his book, Man's Search for Meaning. Meaningful existence, love, compassion and service may be found in the worst of situations. Transpersonal psychiatry offers not an escape from suffering but it does offer a way to transcend it with the preservation of the Self, after all is said and done.

Mindful Breathing

Mindful breathing and the healing capacity of observed breathing - utilizes Russian, Wim Hof and Holotropic approaches to breathing that help connect mind-body-spirit.

Death and Dying Issues

Approaching living and dying as natural components of the human condition. The aim is to help reduce depression and existential anxiety related to being diagnosed with a terminal medical condition.

Spiritual Emergence and/or Spiritual Crisis

The aim is to assist individuals who are having non-ordinary experiences differentiate the need for mental health care from spiritual development/growth.

Meditation Therapy

Introductory meditation/contemplative instruction, drawing on principles of Centering Prayer, The Jesus Prayer, inspiring literature, etc.


Will Our Treatment Plans Work for You? Discover how to treat anxiety in Texarkana, TX Learning how to treat anxiety with Ketamine on your own isn't easy. When you schedule a consultation with This Earthly House in Texarkana, TX, we'll start by discussing the process and benefits. To see if you're a good candidate for this therapy, we'll also ask a variety of questions regarding your goals, allergies and medical history. To learn the specifics of how to treat PTSD or anxiety with Ketamine, set up a consultation today. What to expect at your second appointment and beyond If you choose to move forward with holistic therapy, we'll schedule a second appointment, which lasts about two to three hours. During this session, our facilitator will:
  • Explain what you can expect
  • Blindfold you to keep the experience internal
  • Administer the Ketamine
  • Observe how your body reacts
  • Watch for potential side effects
  • Ask questions, if necessary, to help you through the experience
  • Help you process the experience when it ends
  • Call you the next day to discuss the session and schedule another appointment
After two supervised Ketamine sessions, you'll be able to continue your treatments at home. If you want to learn how to treat anxiety or how to treat PTSD with Ketamine, schedule an appointment with us today. At the end of your session, you'll need someone to drive you home.