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Get Results the Holistic Way

Try holistic therapy in Texarkana, TX

We believe the best way to treat mental and physical ailments is to improve health throughout the mind, body and soul. If you're suffering from PTSD, depression or anxiety and want a comprehensive wellness plan to overcome it, turn to This Earthly House in Texarkana, TX.

During your holistic therapy session, the facilitator will possibly prescribe Ketamine, which may help you work through your personal experience and get spiritual answers. To learn more about Ketamine for therapy, get in touch with us today.

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How does Ketamine help?

Ketamine allows your brain to block out outside distractions and focus on problem-solving. During your holistic therapy sessions, you'll:

  • Heal - We'll nurture you and help your inner healer transform you into someone who has a positive outlook on life.
  • Learn - You may get spiritual answers to things like "what is the meaning to life?" and "is there something beyond death?"

Our use of Ketamine for therapy can potentially help you in ways that traditional medicine can't. Set up an appointment with us today to see the difference for yourself. We are also offering discounted services to first responders such as ER doctors/RNs, NPs, PAs and those who are experiencing burnout from caring for COVID-19 patients.